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KeborMed's Connected Care PaaS is the ultimate solution for streamlined data acquisition, transmission, and storage. Our cutting-edge platform offers a simple, plug-n-play solution that is regulatory compliant, freeing you from traditional custom development hassles and giving you a competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve.
Dedicated Instance
Enhanced security, customized configurations, improved performance, dedicated resources
Fully Managed
Eased workload for your IT department, improved efficiency, scalability, cost savings, expert support
Flexible, future-proof, cost-effective, increased efficiency, easy to use and integrate, adaptable, high-performance
Quick and easy implementation, reduced time to market, increased compatibility, seamless integration
Always up-to-date, able to meet changing needs of the organization, increased security and reliability

Regulatory compliance

Start your medtech journey right with our regulatory compliant connectivity platform, ensuring ongoing compliance throughout the lifecycle of your product. Allow your solution to thrive, avoiding costly delays and setbacks. Experience a better, faster, straightforward and secure path to commercialization.
Start from an OOTB solution that conforms to ISO 13485 and follows the IEC 62304 process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and providing documentation, unit testing, and integration testing for a seamless experience
The core platform is a comprehensive solution that offers everything required to bring your connected product to market. Enjoy a streamlined development process with minimal customization effort, that meets your needs every step of the way.
Accelerate your validation process with confidence, knowing that the essential elements of your connectivity solution are already validated and supported by comprehensive documentation submitted to the FDA.
Deploy with confidence a fully compliant solution with both HIPAA and cybersecurity standards, equipped to accommodate your scaling requirements from the outset.

Modular architecture

Our connectivity platform has a modular architecture that allows for continuously-improving connectivity. This flexible and scalable design means our customers can easily add new features, ensuring their solutions always meet the latest industry standards and customer demands.
Increased protection of sensitive information and systems, reduced risk of cyber attacks, and improved overall security posture. Ability to isolate and manage security controls individually, reducing the risk of widespread compromise in the event of a security breach. Easier implementation and management of security controls, as well as the ability to update and upgrade security measures, better visibility and monitoring of security.
Seamless communication and collaboration between various stakeholders, including functionalities such as notifications, alerts, video conferencing, and messaging. Real-time updates, simplified communication processes and streamlined workflows, leading to increased productivity and error reduction.
Accurate and secure data management, flexible and scalable, easily customized to meet the specific needs of the connected solution. Enhanced security by enabling the creation of secure data storage and access control modules. Easy integration with other systems, providing a seamless and efficient flow of data between different components of the platform
User-friendly interface to manage and access real-time patient data, streamline communication, and manage system administration tasks effectively, through various portals such as system/ tenant admin, doctor/ patient portal. The modular architecture enables these portals to be tailored to specific needs, improving efficiency and offering a personalized experience to each customer.
Real-time tracking, monitoring and management of all connected devices, enabling effective asset management and ensuring smooth functioning of the medical device ecosystem. Whether it's managing software upgrades, scheduling maintenance, or responding to device issues, the Fleet Management module provides valuable insights and capabilities for the effective management of connected medical devices.

Adjusted to your current
& future business needs

Ready to take your medical device to the next level? KeborMed’s plug-n-play connectivity platform is designed for success at every stage of your journey. Whether you're a science student just starting out, or a top-tier manufacturer looking for a reliable and scalable solution, the KeborMed platform is here to support you every step of the way. Eliminate the hassle of managing data, compliance, and privacy and ensure a smooth transition from proof of concept to commercialization.
Simplify the validation process, providing a streamlined and compliant solution. Save time and effort, and ensure the solution you develop in the lab meets industry standards, while also fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Reduce development time and effort, speed up the deployment process and minimize customization needs, freeing up resources and streamlining development. Choose the most reliable, secure, and efficient path to bring your medtech solution to market.
Streamline operations, reducing development time and costs, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Get everything they need to create and manage a connected care solution, increasing efficiency and profitability.

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