Lead the Way in Design with KINETIQX

The ultimate plug-n-play prototyping portal

Ready-to-use  regulatory
compliant solution
One gateway  from
prototype to production
Easily scalable  connected
Multiple clients,   projects
and teams in one system
Unlock more value for your clients with connected prototyping
Provide a connectivity solution developed under design controls from the start, increasing the likelihood of the device getting the approval of regulatory bodies.
Bring new products to market faster and more efficiently
The streamlined plug-n-play design approach for connected prototypes allows you to capitalize on new market opportunities quicker, ultimately boosting your revenue.
Open up new revenue streams
Access larger accounts and service customers in new healthcare areas, with a pre-built and vetted regulatory compliant structure that can support their entire product life cycle.
Join forces with us to revolutionize the healthtech landscape by creating cutting-edge, FDA-approved, and CE-certified connected medical solutions. Tap into the power of KINETIQX from the prototype stage, and harness the potential of a rock-solid connectivity platform engineered under a rigorous Quality Management System. Adhering to ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and ISO 14971 standards from the start, guarantees a seamless progression into subsequent development phases - optimizing efficiency, accelerating timelines, and maximizing resource utilization.
Amid the rapid evolution of the medical device landscape, the demand for connected health solutions continues to accelerate. Stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies by harnessing the capabilities of KINETIQX, and be better prepared to anticipate and address the connectivity requirements of the industry.
Empower your clients to harness and examine the wealth of data generated during the prototyping phase, fueling data-driven decision-making to shape their solutions' future. With KINETIQX, you'll craft game-changing prototypes that set your clients on a path towards seamless validation and, ultimately, the successful launch of innovative connected clinical solutions.
Elevate your development game, boost revenue, and outpace the competition.

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