Clinical Integration Kit

Provide your customers with an integrated healthcare solution and take your medical device to the forefront of the Connected Care revolution transforming the healthcare industry.


Change the narrative from medical device to integrated solution

Supported by telehealth and telemedicine legislation, technology is changing healthcare as we know it, and medical providers are looking for solutions that will allow them to harness the power of data to deliver high quality care and outcomes at affordable costs.

Become the solution to the puzzle, by giving your customers the option to leverage your medical device as the core of their disease specific telehealth & telemedicine systems. KeborMed's Connected Care PaaS provides everything you need for your plug-and-play solution to be directly integrated into providers' workflows. The ability to easily and efficiently manage patients remotely through your solution, will drive adoption and transform your value proposition.

Device Agnostic Connectivity Hub

Built around your device, yet able to integrate with any other connected devices that complement the data your device delivers to healthcare providers, as part of a full solution.

Regulation Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

Communication framework that collects and transmits medical device data to your dedicated cloud instance, in compliance with HIPAA, as well as other security and performance standards.

Disease Specific Care Path Management

Rapid integration of your solution in disease specific telemedicine-supported care pathways, complete with disease specific white label solutions focused on reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Secure Data Integration

Securely integrate data collected from your device into your customers' existing IT infrastructure, in line with existing and future health data communication standards, including HL7's FHIR standard.

Data Analysis & Visualization Tools

Engaging and intuitive data analysis and visualization capabilities, focused on simplifying and increasing efficiency of the care delivery process. 

Patient Mobile Apps & Web Portal

Easy to use tools provide patients with immediate access to their medical information through the solution built around your device.