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How long does it take to get to a connected medical solution using the KeborMed Platform?

The KeborMed Platform is ready to be used out of the box, so we can have your connected solution up and running in as little as one week, with minimum customizations. Most projects that include custom extensions in addition to the KeborMed Core take between 1 and 6 months, depending on the level of customizations required.

How much does it cost to get to a connected medical solution using the KeborMed Platform?

While implementations can be slightly different, the cost of connecting a medical solution using the KeborMed PaaS will always end up being much lower than developing a custom connectivity solution, hosting & supporting it internally. And the platform access costs are always directly proportional to your revenue.

What type of cloud can the KeborMed platform be deployed on?

KeborMed's microservices architecture can be deployed in any public, on-premise or hybrid cloud environment. While Microsoft Azure is the default cloud hosting and infrastructure services provider recommended by KeborMed, the KBM PaaS is provider-agnostic, with no hard dependencies on any proprietary cloud services.

Who is responsible for software updates?

Cloud connected solutions require regular software updates for both cybersecurity and compliance reasons. Any updates to the core platform will always be KeborMed's responsibility, regardless of your plan. Additionally, depending on the selected plan, KeborMed could take over the responsibility of managing and deploying all related software updates.

Who owns the data?

You and your users own the data. KeborMed has no ownership claim whatsoever to the data.

Why go the platform route?

Developing a new connected device or retrofitting a disconnected device into a cloud-based, globally compliant, connected solution is a complicated, expensive & lengthy process if you choose to go the custom development route. Many times, the result is an incomplete, marginally compliant or overall inefficient solution.

Employing a managed services approach may help cut some of the initial costs and add speed, but the ongoing cost and operational complexity to securely support and maintain a cloud-connected medical solution will eventually bring costs to values similar or even higher than custom development.

Going the platform route ensures the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective manner of adding connectivity to a medical solution, both in terms of initial deployment and in terms of supporting and maintaining the deployed solution.

What is KeborMed’s Quality Policy Statement?

KeborMed’s purpose is to become the leading software Platform-as-a-Service for cloud connected medical devices. KeborMed is committed to continually enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting quality and delivery expectations through continual improvement of the QMS. KeborMed is committed to complying with all KeborMed Customer regulatory and contractual requirements applicable to associated KeborMed Products.

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