Cloud Connectivity Kit

No need for you to become an app developer or hire one to build a compliant data communication infrastructure for your wireless medical device.

You handle the science, we'll handle connectivity & data processing.


Connecting your medical device is the first piece of the puzzle

Modern medical devices need to be connected. And because medical devices require a different approach compared to generic IoT devices, we created the Cloud Connectivity Kit to address the complexities associated with connecting a medical device. Whether you want to connect your medical device through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Cellular, KeborMed’s Connected Care PaaS is simply the most complete data acquisition, transmission, and storage solution in the healthcare space.

Device Connectivity HW/SW Module

Save time and development expenses related to wireless data acquisition from your device, and increase its appeal as a complete solution for healthcare providers. Or reinvent your legacy medical device and reignite its commercial lifecycle.

Connectivity & Communication Hub

Kebormed’s Cloud Connectivity Kit comes complete with a production ready user/device/parameter management component, which provides you with the right foundation for your Connected Care solution.

3rd Party Device Integration

Easily integrate 3rd party devices into your healthcare solution, without having to figure out how to deal with data interoperability, normalization and aggregation.

Regulation Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

Communication framework that collects and transmits medical device data to your dedicated cloud instance, in compliance with HIPAA, as well as other security and performance standards.

Firmware Updates & Device Fleet Management

Continue to improve and update your medical device through over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates that are fast, secure, and scalable. Manage your device fleet and selectively deliver OTA firmware updates through your own customized portal.

Developer Portal & External API

With the KeborMed Cloud Connectivity Kit, your external API is already built and our customizable out-of-the-box developer portal allows you to securely expose it right away, so that 3rd party developers can interact with it.