Electronic Data Capture Kit for Clinical Trials

Running a successful pivotal clinical trial is difficult, time-consuming and costly. KeborMed’s EDC solution makes data acquisition radically simpler, faster and more cost effective.


We handle implementation, so you can focus on results

KeborMed’s EDC Kit for Clinical Trials takes mHealth research solutions to the next level by including the full set of key components necessary to successfully run medical device validation studies. Participants can easily sign up for your study and all the tools you’ll need to collect, aggregate, and analyze their data are available out-of-the-box and directly pluggable into your workflow. And if your trial requires any customizations, our solution is flexible and easy to modify, so this won’t slow you down.

HIPAA/21 CFR Compliant Cloud Infrastructure

KeborMed’s cloud infrastructure is built to safeguard the integrity of submitted clinical data and protect the rights of participants in the clinical trial.

Device Connectivity Hub

Plug-and-play, easy to use and customize to suit your specific clinical trial needs, complete with visualization and analysis capabilities.

EDC & ePRO Components

Optimize clinical trial design and management with KeborMed’s flexible, participant-focused EDC and ePRO solutions. Increase data quality and get faster access to data, while giving study participants the tools they need to successfully transmit their data.

CTMS Integration Module

Interoperability is key in improving clinical trial management. KeborMed assists you with the EDC to CTMS integration by providing you with the optimal interface for the clinical trial platform of your choice, whether proprietary or provided by third-parties.

Trial Management Web Portal

Easy-to-use, module-based portal, focused on operational efficiency, allowing for secure information exchange, complete with role-based dashboards, data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Trial Participant Mobile Apps & Portal

Communicate with trial participants, including subject onboarding, informed consent, ePRO, and real time data review, through your custom native mobile apps and patient portal.